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This is the only robust floor covering that becomes more beautiful over time!

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Admin Note- Before I post the below guest blog, I thought it would be good if I fill you in with the history behind this. To cut a long story short, the writer of the blog could not have been any more helpful when we were looking for advice on laying down our new Acacia wooden floor. Now, “fair enough” I hear you say “you did buy the floor from them, so it’s only right they should advise you!” Well, you will be wrong. I bought the floor from someone else who was not only unhelpful but also sounded like they did not know what they were talking about. It’s only later that I met WoodYouLike on the DIYnot forum and to say she was extremely helpful would be an understatement. It is really rare to find companies who are so helpful and willing to not only give their time to customers, but to the non paying public also. So thank you for all of your help, and you will be happy to know that using your advice, the floor is almost fully down.One of the (many) benefits of real wooden flooring is its natural diversity. Every block, strip or board has its own unique character. This gives every floor a truly unique “one off its kind” appearance.
No two natural wooden floors are alike.

Every wooden floor ‘matures’ over time, Oak will get its characteristic honey colour, tropical species will become darker. All in a natural gradual way, ‘growing’ into its ultimate beautiful appearance.

A wooden floor only loses this lustre when it is neglected, even those with a gloss varnish finish. If neglected long enough its protecting layer against dirt and drips will also be lost.

And it is so easy to make sure your beautiful wooden floor stays ‘fit’ and healthy.

Easy maintenance is another benefit of wooden flooring, especially now with the modern high quality liquid polishes. The days of waxing on hand and knees are long, long gone!
All it takes really is to apply the most suited polish for your floor once every 5 to 6 months! That’s all. If you like you can buff it in deeper with one of Wood You Like’s cast-iron buffing blocks – 100% guaranteed to work better and eco-friendlier than any of the electric domestic buffing machines we know of.

What will happen with your wooden floor when you take care of it in this simple way? In fact your wooden floor will reward you time after time, with every maintenance care you give it.

It will keep its dirt repellent character and will become even more beautiful, showing off all its natural allure for you and your family, friends to enjoy and admire.

In our Charing showroom we only stock the highest quality maintenance products – for every type of finish. And if you really want to pamper yourself and your floor you should ask for our ‘fixed-price’ maintenance service and let us do the work.

Select the wood you like and the maintenance products you need at Start enjoying this robust (hardwood), easy to clean, anti-allergic and eco-friendly floor-covering immediately and for many years to come.

Natural wooden flooring: a true asset in any home, never losing its value!

With the warmest regards
Wood You Like Ltd
Showroom on School Road, Charing (nr Ashford) just off the A20
Tel: 01233 713725
email: [email protected]


A TV should not be the focal point of your room!

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The rapidly falling prices of flat screen televisions has resulted in bigger screens for many households. The most common location for these to be placed, estimated at 75%, is above the fireplace in the main room of the household. Because of the increase in size both designers and woman have been having serious issues with a 50-70″ black glass object as the centrepiece and focal point of the living room.

Although it is simply a visual or mechanical change when the TV is hidden, to many it changes the entire atmosphere of the room. Even when the display has been turned off, attention is either consciously or unconsciously drawn towards the blank screen. This is not a figment of peoples imaginations, it is real, and it has a direct effect on both the décor and atmosphere of the room.

Concealment systems are essentially custom made furniture. Due to both television sizes and room measurements there is no single solution that will work for everyone, hence why such systems often cost more than the TV itself. The justification lies in that the time, money and creative effort spent in making the room look good is not destroyed by trying to make a 50″ piece of black glass blend seamlessly into the room décor.

If you were to do some extensive market research you would see there are a number of ways to get around this problem. All with certain pros and cons. However the widely used option is usually a plasma television lift.

A TV lift effectively combines both an item of home furniture and a TV stand. It gives the user the power to switch between viewing a piece of everyday furniture or viewing the plasma television. This is done using a remote controlled lifting mechanism which is fitted inside the furniture. When activated this mechanism will trigger a lift which will cause the TV to gently rise from the furniture and effectively turn it into a television stand.

This solution effectively solves all the problems faced by a home designer. The room decor does not have to be compromised, rather modified in a way which cannot be seen. And the television no longer has to be in full view unless you require it to be. As well as this there are security benefits which mean your television is a lot less likely to be taken or broken in the every day hussle throughout your household.


No matter what efforts TV manufacturers put into their aesthetic design, they do not solve the problem of having a large blank screen dominate a room when the TV if off. It comes as no surprise then, that demand for concealment solutions has been doubling each year.

The first question a designer or system integrator should pose to the client concerning the TV, should therefore be ‘How will it be installed without compromising the décor of the room? By educating themselves about concealment products, professionals such as TDK Joinery ( can offer the home owner a solution allows a large TV to be hidden within the décor using TV lifts, while maintaining the visual design of the room. It is a win-win situation for both parties.


Choosing the right furniture for your office

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1. Consider how many hours you spend at the office. If you work long hours then you should ensure your office is comfortable, functional and practical. Your desk should have built in cable holes to allow the wiring to neatly fit in and enough shelving or drawers for storing files and paperwork. Check the dimensions and make sure the desk will fit through the door. Consider the material of the desk, wood, glass etc and what is best suited for you.

2. Also think about ergonomics; a desk should be around 29 to 30 inches high and 3 1/2 feet from the desk to the chair.

3. Choose the correct office chair. A chair needs to be adjustable to allow for the height of the person, provide adequate support for the lower back and comfortable seat padding. The armrests should be adjustable and arms and shoulders should be relaxed at the correct position.
4. Ensure you have adequate lighting. Too much bright light in your field of vision can cause visual discomfort, and reflections on your computer screen can make it difficult to see what is displayed. If possible position your desk at right angles to the window for the best use of light and to minimise reflections. Use a free standing desk lamp for extra lighting on paperwork.
5. Finally consider the temperature and humidity in the room. A comfortable temperature for sedentary work is between 20 and 24 degrees C. If the room is too warm or cold and draughty then this will cause discomfort. Place a water loving pot plant in your office to help keep the humidity to a comfortable level.

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