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A gem in a sea of cheap chinese imprts

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My wife and I have been looking for nice dining room furniture set for a while now. We are not asking for the world. All we wanted is to find a set that is a bit different from the sea of cheap Chinese imports that seem to have flooded the market recently. We wanted a solid wood, preferably Oak or Teak and of good quality. We found one or two, but most were well above the £3000 mark. Until we found these Solid Oak Dining Sets. Now, I have heard of Faraway Furniture’s excellent reputation for quality at a decent price point, but, as I have never bought from them before, we decided to take the 45 minute trip to their warehouse to see the set for ourselves. We were not disappointed. We saw their flagship Faraway Dining Set and fell for it immidiatly. It took 4 guys to get it out for us due to the extreme weight! More about this at a later date, but feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any other good looking, different sets that you have found on your travels.

Here are a couple of pics from their website.
solid oak dining set
solid wood dining set.

  1. Melvin Johnson Said,

    Wow that is a great deal. I know how hard it can be to find good solid wood furniture (as opposed to veneered rubberwood) and at that price too.

    I hope you write more about this set when you get it home

  2. Paul R Said,

    Just wanted to say that we bought teak garden furniture set from and we also could not be happier with the quality and service. Shame that we had to go through 2 other companies before deciding to give them a chance (they were a bit more expensive and we kept falling for the grade A description on the other sites where it was clearly nothing but grade A). The quality from faraway was exceptional and made the other two teak sets we bought from Humber and Wessex look like it was made from cardboard. Highly recommended.

  3. lisa wannel Said,

    We also bought a dining set from faraway. It had a small scratch when it arrived so the drivers took it away and promised a new one the next day. To my amazement they arrived first thing in the morning the next day with a new table and everything is now perfect. I have recommended them to a few friends who also received similarly good service. Another good company for your record is if you need to treat your wood.

  4. Ashe Patel Said,

    The thing I liked about Faraway Furniture is the fact that they specialise in teak and are not a general garden store. They all obviously have been trained about teak and teak products and they know what they are talking about. I called about a teak garden set planning on asking lots of questions but instead I found myself being asked questions by the lady on the phone. She asked the size of the patio, shape, colour of the brick work and more. In the end, she recommended a smaller set then the one I called for. She claimed that the one I wanted was just too large and she was right. We went for the slightly smaller set and we are now extremely happy with the advice as we actually have room to pull the chairs back enough without going over the patio and the set is not ‘over crowding’ our patio while being large enough for as many guests as we need. Sound and honest advice.

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