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If you have any comment, good or bad regarding any dealings with a teak garden furniture company, please email us, preferably with pictures. We have had over 12 complaints over the last week or so from readers who have had major problems with garden furniture online retailers. To be completely honest, I did not even realise there were so many of them. I am convinced that two years ago there were far fewer. For now, my main tip is that you get what you pay for when it comes to Teak. Stick with the well known brands for quality such as Barlow Tyrie, Indian Ocean and Faraway Furniture. More to come soon.

  1. mr k markou Said,

    my Wife bought garden Furniture, number is 650/2746, we have had them for 2 years and one by one the chairs have fallen apart on the 16/08/2009, I was sitting on one of the chairs and it came apart and broke in two sending me crashing to the ground causing me back, neck and hand injuries, I have taken images of the chairs and my hands and wrist, the chairs are a death trap and had I hit me head it could have been fatal, also my fathers chair came apart on the joins on the seating part, he is seventy and could have been serious if he did not get up in time, you are selling lethal garden furniture which can kill someone, they are a bad manufactory design and I have had a carpenter look at them and was told that they are very dangerous, I have contacted argos and they dont want to know, so I told them that I will be contacting watchdog and then they said bring the furniture back and fill in a form and we will go from there, I said sorry I want someone to collect them and replace them with different furniture of the same price becaue these are a health and safety issue, they didnt want to know, there after sale customer service is appalling, these are the images if they can be opened, if not email me and I will attach and send them, kind regards mr k markou.
    170820091…jpg (397.2 KB), 170820091…jpg (359.8 KB), 170820091…jpg (463.2 KB), 170820091…jpg (512.1 KB), 170820091…jpg (517.7 KB), 170820091…jpg (584.0 KB), 170820091…jpg (514.4 KB), 170820091…jpg (410.3 KB), 170820091…jpg (478.5 KB), 170820091…jpg (373.0 KB), 170820091…jpg (272.4 KB), 170820091…jpg (312.9 KB), 170820091…jpg (337.6 KB), 170820091…jpg (358.0 KB)

  2. webmaster Said,

    Good luck with getting this sorted. Please could you email the pictures to [email protected] and we will include it in our report.

  3. Barry Hurford Said,

    Are you able to provide any further details, such as Brand name or supplier so that we can avoid them? From what I can gather Mr Markou purchased the items from Argos? Do the reported problems relate only to this supplier?

    I am currently considering adding teak garden furniture to my product range and I certainly don’t want to end up with poor quality, dangerous products. I will say that the old adage that you get what you pay for is a pretty good rule of thumb, especially when shopping for hardwood furniture (which has risen in price by about 40% since the beginning of this year), but some retailers are still selling reasonable looking furniture at disproportionately high prices, conversely, the trend seems to be moving toward selling lesser quality gear at seemingly bargain prices. It seems to me it would be useful for potential buyers if you could provide a list of stockists and brand names so that they are aware of the potential risks.

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