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Getting Your Garden Furniture Ready For Spring

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Observing the awakening nature while sitting in the garden, patio, balcony or gazebo is most people’s favourite way to spend their leisure time in early spring. However, to be able to truly enjoy the sight of the nature in early spring, you have to get your garden furniture ready because a dusty, dirty or rusty garden furniture ruins the whole experience. How to get your outdoor furniture ready for the new season depends on several factors, primarily on the material from which it is made and its condition.

Obviously, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to garden furniture care and winter storage. There are a few materials which successfully withstand snow, frost and other unfavourable winter conditions, however, it is a lot easier to get your garden furniture ready for spring if you store it indoors during the winter. In this case, it only needs to be cleaned with warm soapy water regardless from which material it is made. But there are some differences in preparation of garden furniture for spring which are greatly influenced by the materials.

Most people prefer wooden garden furniture due to its unique appeal and character which simply blends with the natural environment. However, it is usually also the most challenging to care for because most types of wood with a few exceptions such as teak do not withstand harsh outdoor conditions particularly well. But if you store it indoors before each winter and protect it against water and termites with proper coatings, it will provide you visually appealing and comfortable place to sit and enjoy the nature for many years. It should periodically be re-treated but if you choose quality products, there is no need to apply the protective coatings before each spring. If it seems to be in good condition, simply clean it with warm soapy water and it is ready to be moved outdoors.

If you own plastic garden furniture, you can have it ready without much effort because it just needs to be cleaned with warm soapy water. But if you have stains, you will have a hard time removing them. Plastic is very cheap and convenient but it is nearly impossible to remove the stains you do not notice (or refuse to notice) until the beginning of the next garden furniture season. If you by chance have white plastic garden furniture, you can leave it on direct sunlight and hope that the stains will fade. If they do not, you cannot do much about them other than cover them with tablecloth or cushions if possible. You can also spray your garden furniture set, however, it is more convenient and probably also more economic to replace it considering that plastic garden furniture is not particularly durable.

Getting metal garden furniture ready for spring depends greatly on the type of metal it is made from. Stainless steel garden furniture for example needs only cleaning with warm soapy water because it is naturally resistant to corrosion, whereas cast iron furniture should be carefully inspected for signs of rust and paint damage which should be taken care of before bringing it outdoors.

To make preparation of your garden furniture for spring an easier job, it is a good idea to clean it thoroughly before winter and cover it with a protective cloth to protect it from dust regardless if you bring it indoors or leave it outdoors.

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