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Reclaimed Wood Furniture – Enjoy the Unique Appeal of Wooden Furniture Without Guilt

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The world has reached a point at which it can no longer afford reckless behaviour towards the environment. Climate change is a fact and there is virtually no doubt that people are responsible for the rising global temperatures which if not reversed, can threaten the very existence of the humanity. But carbon dioxide emissions, tonnes of waste and severely toxic chemicals polluting the soil and groundwater are not the only problem.

Increasing rate of deforestation is just as problematic because the rising demand for wood due to rapid population growth is decimating the world’s forests. And with each three that is cut down, the carbon dioxide emissions increase as the trees absorb this harmful gas and release pure oxygen. Other terrestrial plants help lower carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere as well, however, their effect cannot compare to that of the trees. The key to cleaner and friendlier environment lies in the return to nature and the use of all natural materials, however, wood is not a sustainable material if a tree that has been cut down is not replanted. Things have started to improve and the percentage of wood that is harvested in sustainable forests slowly increases but the problem with deforestation is far from over. But does this mean that you actually contribute to deforestation and climate change if you choose wooden furniture? Not necessarily because there is a way to enjoy the unique appeal of wooden furniture without a single tree being cut down – reclaimed wood furniture.

Wood is not used by furniture industry alone. It is also used by paper and construction industries. It used to be and in many part of the world still is the principal building material. Wooden houses and structures can be found all over the world as wood is an excellent insulator and does not decompose as easily as erroneously thought. However, in most parts of Europe it was gradually replaced by other building materials and all those old wooden houses, barns, mills and even industrial buildings are slowly disappearing. But before they are demolished, the wooden parts are dismantled because the wood is still useful despite being hundred years old or even older. And believe it or not, furniture that is made from reclaimed wood is just as durable and sturdy as the one that is made from newly cut wood.

Reclaimed wood furniture is not only becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly option but also due to the fact that each piece has a history which gives it a unique character. It is sometimes intentionally left in its original condition as a piece of furniture that used to be a part of a barn for example further enhances rustic style which has gained in popularity in the recent years. However, reclaimed wood furniture does not have to reveal that it is made from an old barn because reclaimed wood can be turned into just about anything. It truly enables you to continue to enjoy the unmatched appeal and comfort of wooden furniture without giving up style nor harming the environment.

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