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Garden Furniture – What You Need To Know Before You Buy One

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Garden furniture selection is a particularly difficult task because unlike indoor furniture, garden furniture is exposed to harsh outdoor conditions ranging from rapid temperature changes, rain, intense UV light, rain, insects, etc. And to remain beautiful and provide you with a comfortable place to sit, your garden furniture needs to withstand the mentioned unfavourable outdoor elements.

How good your garden furniture will withstand the harsh outdoor conditions primarily depends on the material from which it is made. Many people make a crucial mistake by not paying more attention to the material when buying garden furniture, wrongfully assuming that just because it is called “garden furniture“ it can withstand the effects of the weather and other outdoor elements. Technically, it does but the way and the amount of time your new garden furniture will remain in good shape varies greatly from one material to another and of course, on the level of care you provide it.

Some materials such as stainless steel, natural stone and teak are naturally resistant to rain, direct sunlight exposure, mould, termites, rust, etc., while the others need additional protection against the outdoor elements, most often in the form of water sealants and anti-corrosion coating. If cared for properly, some of these materials such as metal for instance will provide you an aesthetically appealing and comfortable place to sit a number of years but some will need to be replaced relatively soon even if you care for them in the best possible way. But what about plastic which is also supposed to be resistant to outdoor conditions? It is but it usually is not particularly durable which is also one of the main reasons why it is so cheap in compare to other materials. Furthermore, there is a major difference if you sit on a plastic chair or on a chair made from wood for instance. Although plastic garden furniture is no longer as unappealing as it used to be, it simply cannot compare with other available materials when it comes to style and character.

The amount of care required is another thing which should be considered before buying a garden furniture. Obviously, materials which are naturally resistant to the outdoor elements will need significantly less care and maintenance than the ones that need to be protected from moisture, rust or termites.

In the end, there is the price. Furniture which is made from materials that do not need any special care and protection against outdoor conditions are usually slightly pricier, however, they are more cost efficient in the long run. This is due to the fact that stainless steel, teak and natural stone are extremely durable even if they are left out in the rain, sun, wind, etc. All they need is regular dusting and cleaning and they will retain their beauty for decades, while stone garden furniture virtually lasts forever. As a result, the initially higher investment returns over the years because if you choose quality materials you will not have to buy a new garden furniture for a very long time.

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